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As a fishmonger, I go to Billingsgate Fish Market every day and can choose from a good assortment of fresh fish. They in turn, buy from ports around the country and around the world. This means that most fish are constantly available. The biggest problem in this cycle is the weather. It is this that plays the most important part in the availability of the fresh fish delivered to you.

Here are some of the more common fish that are available all year round.

Cod ,haddock, coley, plaice, skate, Huss, lemon soles, farmed salmon, rainbow trout, Dover soles, farmed sea bass and sea bream.

Plaice are at their best during June through to September.

Sprats are at their best during September through to March.

Herrings and Mackerel are all year round but are occasionally not unavailable.

Fish from the Caribbean, Indian and  Pacific Oceans are available most times of the year.

These are, tuna , swordfish,  snapper, king fish, parrotfish, grouper, barracuda etc.

Fresh live mussels, clams, and oysters  are available all year round now, but I only sell them between October and April, the winter months as they are at their best with the waters having turned cold.

Fresh scallops in their shells are sold November to May and are from the south coast, out of shells, are sold the rest of the year and are from the cold waters of the north sea off Scottish coasts.

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